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Car Frame Repair in Miami & Pembroke Pines

If you’ve been involved in a small or large car accident in Florida, the frame of your vehicle might have sustained significant damage, even if it’s not immediately apparent. An expert auto body technician can meticulously inspect your car to uncover any concealed damage. The integrity and safety of your vehicle rely on the frame’s condition, making prompt repair crucial. Our team of professional ASE and ICAR-certified technicians specializes in accurate and diligent frame straightening and additional vehicle repairs.

Computerized Measurments You Can Trust

Ensuring that your car’s frame is flawlessly repaired is vital. The performance of your vehicle, including fuel efficiency and passenger safety, depends heavily on the condition of the frame. Without utilizing a computerized frame machine for precise measurements, there’s a risk of negatively impacting your car’s alignment, aerodynamics, or the crumple zones mentioned earlier.

We Will Repair or Straighten All Car Frames

Whether your car’s frame requires straightening or parts need welding, we can restore its appearance and functionality to like-new condition. Trust us with your vehicle, and gain peace of mind knowing it’s receiving the finest care. We’re equipped to handle both unibody and conventional frames, so regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, Performance Auto Body offers exceptional service and expert frame repairs.

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Auto Frame Repair & Replacement in Florida

Identifying damage or bending in the frame or body of a car can be challenging without specialized tools. This is why our certified technicians utilize a unique instrument to assess the alignment of your car’s frame and identify any structural damage. We then discuss the required repairs with you, enabling you to make a well-informed decision.

Opting for our services for your vehicle’s frame repairs means our technicians have all the necessary resources to restore your car to its condition before the accident. We use original factory parts and are confident in our ability to repair, replace, or straighten your car’s damaged frame.

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